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I will never let you go [One Shot]


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Author’s notes:

  • This fan fic was made around the time Jurina hurt her right leg and SKE was doing a theater tour
  • Other characters mentioned: Kuwabara Mizuki, Oya Masana, Furukawa Airi, Nakanishi Yuka

"That hurts… Rena." The girl told the imaginary person that was in front of her.

"I will work hard to be Rena’s number 1… what a dumb thing to say on TV" she said with a bittersweet smile. She wiped the tears off her face as she remembered the scene from earlier. The scene of those two… Giggling, talking, touching. She shook her head hoping that the memory would vanish from her head.

"Ah there you are kiddo~" Said the person coming from behind her. Startled she turned around to look at who it was. "Oh its just you Mii…" she continued to rub her eyes.

"Were you crying again?" She looked at her with concern and gave her a hug to comfort her. "You know your eyes will turn redder if you rub them like that" the older girl said pulling out a handkerchief, using it to wipe the younger one’s tears away.

"Then I’ll just say you made me cry." The younger one told her jokingly.

Mizuki raised her hand and the other girl was expecting to get hit, but instead she felt a gentle pat on her head. “Take care of your heart Jurina, you’re still young after all”.

The girl could only give her a hug. They both stayed in the balcony for a while. Jurina didn’t mind being alone there with Mizuki. Although everyone always sees her playful and comedic side, she was always there for her, comforting her, giving her support. Like an older sister.

"OIIIII~~~" a girl with a ponytail called, breaking the solitude that was there. They both looked to the direction where it was coming from.

"Mou, Masana… couldn’t you at least just call us gently?" Katsuo hissed.

"Well.. I have been looking for you two for the past hour…Jurina you didn’t eat yet right?" Asked Masana.

"There you are again like a mother as always" Mizuki teased her.

"Well I am her mother and she is my son!" Masana frowned while she pulled Jurina to her side hugging the young one tightly.

"Anyway lets go inside Jurina, You’re not good with cold weather" pushing Jurina inside "but first lets eat". Mizuki following them.

What does that make me then???

In which Masana responded “SHUT UP TUNA


The youngest one could only laugh.


*They were at Fukuoka, at HKT’s theater. SKE was having a theater tour, It was really cold that time.


-Lunch room-

Jurina was browsing through the buffet looking for a girl as tall as her. She wasn’t there. Which made her a bit revealed.

Good thing Masana was there, or else she would have forgotten to eat breakfast because of her daydreaming. She took a spot where the two older girls were sitting, they had finished arguing with each other.

"Oh Good Morning Rena-chan" One of the members greeted as she made her way inside the room.

"Good Morning everyone" she said while waving her hand to the other members. She saw the younger girl looking at her. She smiled and walked towards her direction not noticing the other two who was sitting beside her.

Mizuki saw Rena approaching and motioned to Manasa, but Masana didn’t seem to get the hint, then Mizuki spoke “Ah I think I’ll grab drinks, OI Oya help me get dessert too”. She said as she pulled Masana off her chair while she was still eating food.

Masana can only respond with “*&%$%#HJH" Mizuki pointed at Rena and finally she got her hint and nodded.

While they were walking away they saw Nishishi going towards Rena and Jurina. They successfully diverted her attention to them. Then took her to the opposite direction.

"Ne, Jurina… have you been avoiding me recently?" Rena asked the girl that was sitting in front of her.

"That’s probably just your imagination Rena-chan, since you’ve been spending too much time with Airin…"

Jurina stopped there, she didn’t want to blurt out something that might be hurtful. She gave the older girl a smile and continued eating her food.

Rena wanted to say something at least but she couldn’t make out any words. She looked at Jurina for a while and then turned around. Jurina looked up when she saw Rena leaving. She wanted her to stay but she thought it was best if she didn’t.

She put her chopsticks down when she started feeling weird. She rubbed her eyes and then covered them, they felt heavy and face felt warm…too warm.

Masana and Mizuki came back. They noticed Jurina wasn’t eating her food anymore. 

"Are you ok?" Asked Masana as she put her hands on Jurina’s forehead.

"Woah… your burning up Jurina, lets take you to your room!" She looked at Mizuki and she nodded. She was going to tell their manager but a hand stopped her.

"I’ll be ok… I’ll just take a little nap" she tried to smile. Mizuki offered to take her to her room, Jurina didn’t decline she knows she’ll just keep insisting. Masana went with them since she’s worried.

Rena thought that Jurina was acting kind of weird as she was watching the trio walk out from the room.


Rehearsals with SKE were always intense especially today since they aren’t performing in their own theater. They want to be perfect for today’s performance. Its not like they needed any practice anyway. They have been performing these songs for years now, but they can’t just be satisfied with that. They are Team S, SKE’s face. They needed to be perfect.

"Ok lets take a break here." said Rikako their captain when she saw the members getting exhausted, they had been practicing for three hours. As soon as she said that one of the girls in the center position collapsed holding on to her right leg.

"Everyone stand back! Jurina, Jurina…" she called, but got no answer. Their manager took Jurina back to her room, she was unconscious for awhile.

The practice room was full of worried faces. One of them in particular was pacing back and forth, impatiently biting her thumbnails. Some of the members were just unconsciously watching her. Then she felt someone pat her back.

"Rena, why don’t you go see her?" Mizuki suggested.

Rena thought about it for a while, and without saying any word she dashed out of the room. She saw the manager talking to Jurina’s trainer. She excused herself and asked to go see Jurina.

Their manager nodded and gave her the key to Jurina’s room. She was reaching for the handle of the door when her hand stopped. Her heart was beating faster and she was getting nervous. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened the door.

There she was, the younger girl was sleeping peacefully. She sat at the chair beside the bed, and watched her. She has never seen her sleep like this for awhile. She motioned to move Jurina’s hair off her face, but she stopped. She felt pain on her chest.

"I’m sorry Jurina, I didn’t notice…" she started crying but quickly wiped her tears off as she didn’t want Jurina to see the tears. She got up and headed for the door.

"Rena… don’t leave me"

Upon hearing her name she stopped and let go of the door’s handle. She turned around slowly to see if she had been discovered. She sighed as she saw that Jurina was just talking in her sleep.


The younger girl kept calling her name, she was crying, begging. Rena couldn’t resist and went to her side, she held the hand that was reaching out for her.

"Shhhh, I’m here Jurina" she said as she laid down beside her. She kissed the younger girl’s hand and looked at her. Jurina had stopped calling for her and now she looks more peaceful.

I won’t ever let you go" she said as she fell asleep.

Jurina woke up, and saw Rena sleeping beside her. She was surprised but did not want to wake up the sleeping girl. She didn’t want to move nor did she want to untangle her hands from the older girl. So they stayed like that for a while.

She noticed the time it was 4pm, their theather performance is at 6:30PM, She immediately got up and carefully untangled her hand from Rena’s.

"Are you feeling ok now?" the older girl asked while rubbing her eyes. Making the other girl jump up a bit in surprise.

"Yeah.. I feel better now… You should go Rena, we should start preparing soon." She said while stroking the other girl’s hair who was still lying down beside her. She didn’t even bother asking while Rena was there. She was scared to ask… maybe she was just there our of concern…

She did mention that she only thinks of me as a sister… She thought to herself.

The older girl slowly got up and stretched “I’ll see you in a few minutes then…”

"Are you really ok now Jurina?"

"Un. I’m fine" Jurina replied smiling. Of course she was lying. Her right leg hurt so bad that she had trouble getting up. She had to ask her trainer to wrap her right leg tightly.

In fact she was told earlier not to perform today, but she insisted because she can’t disappoint the fans. Going there and practicing would be pointless. SKE’s manager could only sigh. Somehow he could not win any argument with the kid. She always had the right things to say. He gave up and agreed only with the condition that she take 3 days off to rest.

Then the performance, everything was doing well. It was like she wasn’t even hurt and the bandage on her right leg is just an accessory. Except when the show ended she had to be carried by her manager. There is still the high five session left after and she had to go. She made it this far. And again she insisted. The event ended, she felt her knees have become weak, she then collapsed.

She saw Rena running towards her calling her name, but she couldn’t hear. Her body wanted to rest. She closed her yes.

"I’m sorry Jurina… but I can’t be together with you." 

"No Rena-chan don’t leave me!" the younger one pleaded, but their distance kept increasing. She wanted to follow but her body couldn’t move, she was just stuck there.

She saw Rena going towards another person, they held hands as they walked away farther.

Farther from where she was…

"Rena…" Jurina cried.


She opened her eyes only to be met with embrace by the other person who was laying beside her. She thought it was Masana, they always shared rooms and Masana would always sleep beside her when Jurina couldn’t sleep. She didn’t want to let go so she just kept crying.

I’m right here Jurina" the other person said.

Jurina’s eyes widened when she recognized the voice.

"R-Rena-chan?" She pulled the other person back to see her face. It was indeed Rena. Bewildered, she blinked a few times and wondered if she was still dreaming. But the warmth that she felt from the embrace was definitely real.

Rena had asked Masana to exchange rooms with her. Masaya agreed without hesitation, since she knew the two needed to talk. Jurina had been having the same dream, always calling Rena.

Rena brushed off the other girl’s hair and met with her eyes.

"I’m right here Jurina. I won’t leave you". She said as she wiped off the younger girl’s tears. Her hand stayed on Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina couldn’t say anything, she just kept crying. The older girl gave her a kiss on the forehead.

After a few minutes the younger one calmed down. Hugging Rena tighter, she buried her face on Rena’s chest. Rena continued to brush Jurina’s hair.

"Jurina…Do you remember when we first met?" Rena asked, the younger girl kept quiet but she was listening.

"When you introduced yourself to me, with that smile of yours …I don’t know how to explain it but… It’s like everything happened in slow motion…"

"…And whenever I see that smile of yours… I feel so relieved and it makes me smile."

Those words, made Jurina raise her head and look into Rena’s eyes, not letting go from their embrace.

"There are times when I heard you crying alone… but …I didn’t know what I should say to comfort you." Rena cleared her throat before continuing. 

"So I decided… that I will never leave you, Jurina. I’m right here for you"

"I love you Rena-chan" said the younger girl. The older girl smiled and kissed her warm lips.

"I love you too Jurina".

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