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Maple syrup [One shot]

  • [Submitted fic, one shot]

Rena stirred in her sleep as she felt the sun rays hitting her face. She opened an eye and blocked few rays with one hand while the other tapped the other side of the bed, only to find it empty. She glanced at the bedside clock. 


Sometimes she wonders how that girl could manage to still wake up early even after a rigorous night like last night.

Yawning, she slowly sat up and brushed a hand through her unruly black locks. Crawling out of the fluff, Rena grouchily slipped into her overly big shirt paired with overly short shorts before walking out of the bedroom. Smelling a certain mouth-watering scent, she went straight to the kitchen and was welcomed by a scene where a certain girl, who was still in her pajama, was flipping a pancake in the air and catching it perfectly in the pan all the while being busy chatting with someone on the phone.

Jurina and her freaking multi-tasking abilities.

“I’m really sorry, I swear it’ll not happen again in the future”, Jurina babbled, placing the pancake on the plate by the counter, making a short bow to no one. She placed the pan back on the stove before turning it off. Catching a glimpse of Rena by the doorway, Jurina broke into a huge grin that it almost split her face in half.

“I’ll work on it tomorrow. Yes. Thank you.” Jurina ended the call and placed the phone by the kitchen counter before welcoming Rena in her arms as the latter snuggled closer, burying her face on the crook of Jurina’s neck.

“Morning…” Rena greeted as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl’s waist.

“A pleasant morning, my princess”, Jurina reciprocated the hug by holding her close.

Jurina then pulled away from the hug and cupped Rena’s face before leaning in to plant a chaste kiss on her lips. As she was retreating, Rena placed a hand on her nape and kissed her deeply. The passionate kiss turned into an indecent fondling of tongues the moment Jurina gently bit on Rena’s lower lip, flicking her tongue on it. The older girl complied, opening her lips with a moan and wrapped her arms around Jurina’s neck, pressing their bodies against each other.

“Don’t you have…work today?” Rena breathlessly asked when they parted for air.

“Now I don’t, thanks to you. I woke up late. Manager-san was furious and he said to make up for my absent tomorrow”, Jurina replied, pinning Rena against the marble counter.

“But tomorrow’s Saturday. You don’t have work.”

“Exactly. If you hadn’t gone into hyper mode last night, I should be on work right now and I’ll have my weekends free and you’ll have me exclusively for two days.”

“Oh. So, you’re implying that it’s my fault that you woke up late?” The older girl glared.

“Partly. I mean, I simply can’t resist my girlfriend”, the younger girl drew closer onto Rena’s ear and whispered. “Especially when she’s being bad and naughty.”

Rena blushed hard at her lover’s statement, scenes from last night started to flood her mind. She gave Jurina a firm slap on the arm and placed her head on the younger girl’s chest. “You wore me out last night.”

“You were courting a hungry lion, Rena-chan. Someone should be punished for provoking me, you tease”, Jurina kissed her forehead. “I went overboard, didn’t I?” 

There was a tinge of worry in Jurina’s voice and that caught Rena’s attention. She looked up and met the younger girl’s worried gaze; her eyes were deep that the older girl found herself lost in them.

“No, you didn’t”, Rena smiled earnestly, caressing Jurina’s cheek. “You never do.”

Last night’s happening was rough, wild and not to mention, bottled up tension and of course, few kinky stuffs. But despite the uncontrollable hunger for the older girl, Jurina was gentle; not too rough but not to slow, just enough to send Rena tumbling over the edge again and again only to come back and crave for more.

Silence filled the room as they continued to stare at each other lovingly, basking in each other’s warmth. The unconditional love for each other was expressed in volumes through small smiles, loving gazes, lingering touches accompanied by the light atmosphere around them. Jurina then kissed her girlfriend on the forehead before stealing a kiss one last time, exiting the room.

“Go eat your breakfast. I’ll just go check something on my work.”

Rena grabbed a bottle of maple syrup from the fridge and settled it beside the plate of pancakes. Clutching the bottle with two hands; one on the body and the other on the lid, she tried to open the wretched container but the said object refuse to cooperate as it remained closed. Utilizing her secret strength, she grunted and twisted the lid off. The bottle did opened but out came the contents and splattered on Rena’s face and shirt from the excess force.

“Kya!” She shrieked at the sticky feeling of the syrup smudged partly on her face, arms and on her shirt. She immediately settled the bottle on the counter.

“What happened?”

Jurina, donned in fresh clothes, came running to the kitchen at the sound of Rena’s shriek with her pajama shirt clutched in one hand. 

“I accidentally spilled the syrup when I was opening it”, Rena sucked her fingers dry of the sweet substance. She glanced at the floor and thankfully, there was no spillage on it, just on her chest.

“Be careful next time, okay?” Jurina approached her and tended to her immediately.

“The bottle was being stubborn. It won’t open”, she pouted, sounding like a total toddler. She went to the sink and washed her hands before inspecting her soaked shirt. “Argh, messy.”

Rena was about to leave to change her clothes but Jurina held on to her wrist and lifted her onto the counter.

“Here. Let me help you with the cleaning.”

Jurina settled herself between Rena’s legs, holding her close by her waist and started licking the diabetes-inducing ingredient off from the older girl’s face; slowly, gently, softly, swallowing it in one gulp. Jurina diligently ‘wiped’ Rena’s face off the syrup, teasingly gliding her tip of her tongue against her cheeks, traced along her chin and licked the corners of her lips before capturing it in a sweet kiss.

Rena, on the other hand, sat frozen in her place as she felt Jurina’s tongue against her cheeks. She suddenly felt so light-headed, feeling butterflies on her stomach at the erotic gesture of helping. She then concluded that the maple syrup tasted sweeter on Jurina’s tongue when they kissed. She placed her arms on the younger girl’s shoulder, trying to take the kiss to the next level.

And like a child wanting a candy, Rena was craving for more of that sweet kiss.

A soft disapproval grunt escaped her lips as Jurina pulled away from the kiss. Jurina chuckled; wiping the smudge left at the underside of Rena’s jaw with a finger and licked it, her gaze lingering on Rena’s wet shirt.

“What?” Rena queried.

“Oh, nothing. Let’s get you off this shirt”, Jurina replied, lifting the shirt off her lover.

After discarding the clothing on the counter, the younger girl immediately leaned in and latched herself on Rena’s neck, sucking the sweet skin before continuing licking the syrup. Rena purred loudly as she pulled Jurina closer, hands tangled on her hair.

“How come you’re good at these things, Jurina?” Rena let out another moan as Jurina’s tongue never ceased moving along her neck, descending down to her collarbone.

“I don’t know either”, Jurina replied and licked her way up to Rena’s lips and kissed her passionately. “It just came naturally.”

“I hope you’re not taking lessons with another girl.”

“What makes you think that I’ll do that?” The younger girl pulled away and caressed Rena’s face. “I could never do that to you. Masana will have to stop being a lolicon first before that will happen. I love you, Rena and I’m at your service, twenty-four seven.”

Rena giggled at Jurina’s antics. She gave the younger girl a peck on the lips before switching her gaze back to her chest, still glistening with the maple syrup’s residue. She groaned as she glided her fingers along her chest, scooping a small amount of the thick substance, grumbling how it got spilled too much.

And instead of answering her girlfriend, Jurina grabbed the coated hand and took one of its fingers inside her mouth, slowly sucking the honey off the finger. She did everything in snail pace, licking and sucking, sending tingling sensation along Rena’s spine.

“You know, you have a very talented tongue”, Rena complimented; biting her lower lip at the pleasure, seemingly turned on with what just Jurina did to her as her cheeks colored pink. 

Jurina grinned and kissed the girl’s fingers. She picked her up and carried her back to the bedroom.

“You do know that I just woke up from my sleep”, Rena glared at the younger girl. “I’m totally tired, Jurina.”

“I shall have you energized then. You left me craving for more when you spilled yourself with that syrup, so we just have to deal with that first”, Jurina placed the girl on the bed before hovering over her.

“Well I’m not the one who initiated the licking.”

“Tell me that you didn’t like it and I’ll hop off you.”

Rena fell silent, defeated while Jurina just smirked from her little victory. She very well knows that Rena can’t resist her charms. The younger girl then leaned closer, brushing their lips together as she spoke.

“Let me show you what other things my tongue is capable of.”

Rena started to moan and sigh in pleasure as the Jurina did her magic, senses gone haywire as she can only feel the pure ecstasy from Jurina’s work.

Maybe she should spill herself with maple syrup more often.

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