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Jealousy [One Shot]

  • Other characters mentioned: Kojima Haruna, Furukawa Airi

[Submitted fic]

Matsui Jurina leaned against the wall, waiting for a certain someone to round the corner outside the practice room. Her sunglasses reflected sun’s beaming rays, masking the emotions swirling in her eyes. Faint giggles could be heard traveling through the glass windows that separated Jurina from the music inside, as well as separating her from the people that were practicing dance moves inside. Jurina furrowed her eyebrows at the faint tinkling of laughter. She resisted the urge to curse and was tempted to leave when the bells sounding the opening of the practice room door interrupted her thoughts.

The person that had opened the door gasped in surprise, “Jurina?”

“Rena,” Jurina replied in a curt manner before briskly walking back to the their changing room. She could hear the footsteps of the girl she had been waiting for following her own. Still irritated, Jurina fumbled with the cardkey hanging on her neck and flashed it at the sensor; the sensor turned green and she swung open the door, walking quickly inside. There had been a split second where she had wanted to slam the door in the other girl’s face, just to get rid of some of her anger.

But why was she so angry? It was her decision.

“Jurina! Wait for me!” She could hear the other girl desperately calling from behind, while she herself was already stepping inside. She ignored her calls.

By the time Rena had gotten to the door, the only thing she heard was the slamming of one of the doors. Rena sighed in frustration. She headed towards the showers. There were a total of 4 restrooms and 6 showers in one bathroom. Rena walked to the last one on the left and hid behind the second set of curtains. It was the same one Jurina would use every time; every time she was irritated.

She waited there for a few minutes before she heard the echo of sandals slapping against the floor of the bathroom. A faint smile appeared on Rena’s face as she could hear the anger even from just the way the other girl walked. There were no others on the fourth floor at the moment; everyone on that floor had opted to play on the fields.

She could hear Jurina grumbling as she slid the first set of curtains all the way across, but before Jurina could begin to disrobe, Rena revealed herself. Groaning at the sight of Rena, Jurina slid the curtains open again and walked out from the cubicle. But before she could get very far, Rena grabbed her wrist and spun her around so that they were face to face.

“Why are you so mad?” Rena questioned in a demanding tone. Jurina kept quiet but struggled to free her wrist from the other’s tight grasp; the blood wasn’t circulating to her hand very well at this point.

“Let. Go,” Jurina gritted out. It was starting to hurt and the areas around Rena’s hand were starting to turn white. Realizing that her grip was probably too tight, Rena quickly loosened her grasp. Jurina ripped her wrist from Rena’s touch and walked back into the shower cubicle and leaned against the wall, head turned in the direction of the showers.

Rena sighed once more before following the slightly taller girl. She sat beside Jurina’s clothes and shower necessities on the bench across from Jurina. Trying not to blush as Jurina’s bra and underwear were plain in sight on top of the pile, Rena coughed once before saying quietly, “So why are you mad?”

It was Jurina’s turn to sigh and she turned her head to look at the girl sitting down. “I’m not mad.”

Rena scoffed at her response, “Oh really, is that why you turned away from me in an angry manner and practically left me behind while you ran upstairs? You and I both know that when you’re irritated, you like to take a shower to clear your mind. So, tell me why you’re mad.”

Jurina took a step so that she was in front of the other girl and placed one of her hands on Rena’s cheek, while the other hand played with the long black hair that cascaded gracefully down Rena’s back. Rena tried not to focus on the fact that Jurina’s smooth legs were perfectly in reach. Everything about her was tempting Rena; from her milky legs that weren’t covered at all by the short shorts to the perfect body that was hugged by a flimsy thin t-shirt. But she chose to just ignore the temptation as she turned her attention to the soft caresses upon her cheek. Just as Rena was about to ask what Jurina was doing, Jurina spoke in a low voice, “Do you know how much it hurts for me to see you and her together? To have others talk about how cute you guys look together?”

Rena looked up at Jurina’s face and saw that the other girl’s eyes were closed. The hand that had been buried in Rena’s hair was now flat against the wall, causing Jurina to lean slightly forward, while the other hand was still lightly caressing Rena’s cheek. It looked as though Jurina was in a peaceful state of mind, but Rena knew that was not the case from the way Jurina’s forehead slightly creased.

“Then why don’t we tell people about us? About our relationship?”

“Because…” Jurina sighed before opening her eyes slowly to gaze at Rena, who was looking at her with expectant eyes. But she didn’t know how to continue her sentence.

“Because what?” Rena prompted lightly. She lifted her right hand and placed it upon Jurina’s waist. She started to caress Jurina’s hip in circles with her thumb as a way to get Jurina to relax.

“Because I’m afraid of people judging us… Because I’m still underage… Because I’m not strong enough.” Jurina mumbled quietly, her head turned away from Rena and her eyes closed once more. At this confession, it was Rena’s turn to become angry. It was like Jurina was ashamed of their relationship. It was like she didn’t love Rena enough to tell people, to claim Rena as hers.

“Fine. Then I’ll go to Haruna or Airin then. At least they’s not afraid of being seen as a couple with me,” Rena stood up quickly, causing Jurina’s hand to fall from her cheek in a limp manner, and she started to walk out of the shower cubicle. But before she could get very far, Rena felt herself spun around and her breath knocked out of her, as she was slammed against the wall that was opposite of the one her back had been against.

“Wha…” was all Rena was able to get out as she opened her eyes hazily. The only thing that she could see at that point was Jurina’s eyes staring intensely into her own. She faintly registered Jurina saying, “You’re mine.”

Rena’s breath hitched as she felt Jurina press her lips softly against the tender skin on her neck. She resisted the urge to moan as she felt the vibrations against her throat as Jurina demanded, “Say you’re mine.”

“No,” Rena decided not to give into Jurina’s demands and smirked when Jurina stopped leaving lingering wet kisses down her neck towards her collarbone. Although she very much wanted Jurina to continue, it was fun to just rile Jurina up sometimes.

As a response to Rena’s disobedience, Jurina nipped at the skin just above Rena’s collarbone, causing the older girl to hiss from the small pain that shot through her body; it was Jurina’s turn to smirk. She mumbled once again against Rena’s neck, “Say it. Say you’re mine. Or… I’ll force it out of you.”

“As if you could,” Rena breathed out, her mind still in a whirl from the pain and pleasure that had coursed through her from the small bite. Smiling, Jurina felt her heart swell from knowing that Rena’s current state was caused by her. No one (definitely not Haruna or Airin) would ever be able to accomplish this.

“You sure, baby? I bet I could get you to scream it,” Jurina lifted her head and leveled herself so that she was staring directly into Rena’s dark brown eyes, which were now filled with embarrassment; her own eyes were shining with mischief.

“I’m not a screamer,” Rena said in a defiant tone, her cheeks filling up with air as she pouted.

“We’ll see about that,” Jurina winked before licking and then crashing her moist lips onto Rena’s soft pink ones.


“And I proved you wrong once again. You scream every time, so I don’t get why you are so adamant in denying that you are a screamer,” Jurina sent a lazy smile in Rena’s direction as she leaned onto her palm with her elbow.

“Well, if I didn’t deny it every time, then you wouldn’t get the chance to prove me wrong, now would you?” Rena breathed out slowly, still trying to get down from the high she just experienced. Jurina let out a laugh at her girlfriend’s clever antics.

“So… why were you giggling with Haruna in the practice room? You know that’s where all the rumors and scandals start. Actually, what do you always giggle with her about? Every time I look in your direction when you’re with Haruna, all I see are you two giggling uncontrollably. It’s scary sometimes, you know?” For her last comment, Jurina received a slap on her arm. Wincing, Jurina pouted and put on a sad-puppy dog look; Rena shook her head with her lips curved into a small smile. Jurina pointed at her lips, obviously asking for a kiss, and what could Rena do but obey?

“How is it scary?” Rena asked before responding to Jurina’s questions, “We usually talk about her girlfriend and about you. And, now that you’ve mentioned it, you seem like a stalker, always looking in my direction. Now, that’s scary. Haruna’s actually admitted to me a few times that if she didn’t know you were my girlfriend, she’d think you were some hormonal teenager that just wanted to rip my clothes off and get into my pants. You just convey so much with your eyes, you know?”

Jurina raised her eyebrow and started to stare seductively at Rena, all the while licking her lips sensually. She bit her lower lip, letting it roll back slowly. “Like now?”

Rena resisted the urge to blush and ended up placing her palm on Jurina’s face, effectively blocking Jurina’s attempts at seducing her. Jurina grinned as she licked the soft skin and watched as Rena quickly pulled away her hand, her face contorted in an expression of disgust. “Moe. Did you have to do that?”

Jurina shrugged and chose to ignore the question. “So, she has a girlfriend. You’ve never told me about that; if I had known, perhaps I wouldn’t have been angry. And to be honest, I did just rip off your clothes and got into your pants, or skirt, rather. And you guys giggling is scary… just because.”

At what Jurina just said, Rena couldn’t contain her blush anymore, and the red managed to reach the tip of her ears. To play it off cool, she tried to accuse her girlfriend, “What… you interested in Haruna? Is that why you want to know if she had a girlfriend or not? I’ve seen her girlfriend; she’s short, cute, and pretty. “I like her.”

The last two lines were added in just to make Jurina jealous, or at least it was an attempt to. But all Jurina saw was her shy Rena trying to escape the teases about her blush. “Oh… really now. Then I might just become interested in her girlfriend…”

Rena, who had her eyes closed and was reveling in the warmth of being in her girlfriend’s arms, snapped her eyes open and stared at Jurina with disbelief in her eyes. Jurina chuckled as she wrapped her arms tighter around Rena’s waist, “You know I’m just kidding. I love my snow-white skinned beautiful girlfriend way too much. And I’m pretty sure you’re sweeter than Haruna’s girlfriend anyway; at least you taste too sweet to be true. Now should I be worried that you’ll fall for either of them?”

Again with the sweet-talking, Rena thought. “No, I love my cute handsome, kiddish girlfriend too much as well.”

With that as an end to their conversation, Jurina smiled and leaned her head closer to Rena, melting their lips together in a passionate kiss.


Outside of the room that Rena and Jurina were in, two girls sighed. “Yuko, I think they’re going for round two of make-up sex. I don’t think this is a good time to disturb them, least we wish to feel Jurina and Rena’s wrath.”

“Oh my… And I thought Rena had been kidding when she had told us they go at it a lot,” the shorter girl chuckled. She had only been introduced to Rena a few days ago, and yet the only thing she remembered was how much Rena gushed about her girlfriend… and how her girlfriend is such a kissing monster & how good the sex was.

“Well, I do believe I help in how much they go at it. I’m like a tool. Jurina gets jealous over how much time Rena and I spend together and it automatically leads to them going at it like rabbits,” Haruna smiled helplessly at Yuko.

“Hey, Nyan nyan, I get jealous too…” Yuko pouted, hoping to get a kiss. Haruna smirked at her girlfriend.

“My house?”

“Hell yeah.”

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