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What makes the heart beat faster [Short One Shot]


This was written a few months ago,  around the time when this photo was released.
I am sorry in advance for the many grammatical errors you may encounter.

The younger girl playfully wrapped her arm around the older girl, who was resting her head on the younger one’s shoulder. The young one wore a mischievous smile, while her right hand gently moved the other girl’s hair on the side. She continued to play with her left hand as it found the older girl’s chin slowly raising it up so their eyes could meet. Then she kissed the older one’s nose, slowly making its way down to her collarbone, the young one continued to tease. Finally their lips collided. The older one gave out a small whimper. She didn’t know if she should enjoy it. In her head she thought she shouldn’t, but her body was longing for it. Slowly pushing the younger girl, but keeps giving in with every kiss, every touch that her partner gives.  

Finally the older one managed to speak. “J-jurina we m-musn-…” but the younger one preceded, not stopping at any point. ”N-no… Ju..Jurin——umf…” her plead only kept being replaced by the soft moans she made. The young one slowly reached under Rena’s soft wool sweater, while her other hand kept getting lower and lower…

"J-juri…n-not there-aaah" Her helpless calls were slowly replaced with cries of pleasure…pulling the younger one closer to her as she yearned for more…


“ena…Rena!, Rena-chan!!!”  

The older girl opened her eyes. Breathing heavily, she looked around to find out that she was only dreaming. Relieved but slightly disappointed, then feeling guilty afterwards. She shouldn’t be thinking those kinds of ‘thoughts' about this girl, she was still under aged after all.

She turns to look at the girl who woke her up.

Jurina was worried and confused since Rena had been calling her name out during her sleep. “What’s wrong Rena-chan?…Did something happened?” The younger one asked as she laid down beside the older girl and began started stroking her hair. The older one only looked at her still in a daze.

“H-huh? Oh… umm…N-nothing… its just that you were in my dream and we-” She stopped, biting her lips. She was too embarrassed to tell Jurina what she had dreamt about. She turned to the other direction to hide her blushing face.

It made the young one curious. She raised an eyebrow and got on top of the older girl, pinning her down. “What were we doing Rena-chan?” She asked with a playful smile. The other girl covered her face with her hand, she could only blush.  

Jurina then started to play with Rena’s hair.

“Were we…” she leaned in closer “kissing?” She gently moved the hand covering the older girl’s face. Jurina teasingly kissed the tip of Rena’s nose. The older one nodded, her face burning red. The younger one gave her a playful smirk, her hand tracing the other girl’s lips. Finally she pressed her lips onto the older girl’s and her other hand continued exploring.

"M-mou…Jurina…" she sighed, defeated by her own desires. She slowly smiled as she replied to the kisses the younger one was giving her.

Just like in her dream.

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