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Even your kisses are left handed [One Shot]


Author’s notes:

  • Takes place after the Kissu Date Hidari PV scene.
  • Rena is 17, Jurina is 16
  • enjoy.


That night after seeing the stars with a bunch of friends, the two Matsuis went home together. The younger one on the passenger seat, the older one biking. Both of them enjoying the fresh air that was welcoming them. 

 The younger girl looked at the person who was in front of her. She rested her head on the older one’s back, enjoying the warmth of her companion as she closed her eyes. It has been an eventful day for her, she just wanted to forget everything and just stay like this. The grasp on her partner’s waist got tighter as she got more comfortable, making the other one notice. 

 ”Jurina?… Are you ok?” The older one asked without taking her eyes off the road. Although you can recognize the tone of concern on her voice. “I’m ok Rena-chan, I’m starting to get comfortable with your back, can we go back to our room like this?” The young one teased, making the older one blush. She was thankful that Jurina couldn’t see her Or else she wouldn’t hear the end of it. 

 Finally they reach home. A frown formed on Jurina’s face, she didn’t want to let go of Rena’s back, she suddenly hugged the girl from the back, surprising Rena.  

 ”Ju-jurina what are you doing?” Rena asked in a flustered voice. Making Jurina smile, she thought it was kind of cute to see this side of Rena. “Ne, can we go like this? Its kinda cold” She said frowning. Rena just took the bait and they went like that. Although it was quite an awkward site to see, No one was there to see them anyway. 

They walked slowly as to not alert anyone. It was already late and they would be in trouble if they got caught still walking in the hallway of their dorms in their awkward position. Their other friends probably made it inside just before the curfew since Rena decided to take a detour to go see the sea that night.  

Rena just wanted to cheer Jurina up. 

That day Jurina told Rena that she was going to confessed to her teacher. It made Rena upset, she didn’t really know what to feel about the whole thing. She thought she was in love with the teacher as well, but she figured out later that day that it was the opposite. All she had been thinking about was Jurina. When she was being bullied Jurina was there cheering her up, when she was sad Jurina would pop-up out of nowhere making her laugh, when she’s alone Jurina suddenly comes by and surprises her. It was all Jurina, her smiles, her dimples, her serious face, those gaze. Everything that she thought about was Jurina. 

She was nervously waiting in the hallway, while Jurina was making the confession, She was praying, praying that he would say no, but she didn’t want to see the younger one sad. She didn’t want to see her cry. So when the girl came out crying. Rena felt guilty for wishing it. But she was glad at the same time. When Rena held her she felt that she didn’t want to let her go. They just stayed like that for a few moments until Jurina calmed down. Rena placed her hand on Jurina’s cheeks to see how she is. Their eyes met. Jurina smiled. Rena’s heart melted. She decided from that day on she will make Jurina happy. Even if she can’t do it by herself she was determined to make it happen. 

It just so happened that, that day their friends had a plan to go star gazing, they invited both of them to come. Jurina was feeling a bit down but Rena persuaded her to go, so she went. All it took was a small plead from the older girl. Jurina didn’t want to make her friend sad and she had told the older Matsui that she wanted to see the stars with her before. 

They went to see the stars.  

It was surely a site to see. The moon was shinning its best, as if showering them with its brightness. It was like a painting, a perfect masterpiece. They couldn’t help but gasp in the beauty of the stars.  

Rena took a peek of the person that was beside her. She looked so beautiful while looking at the stars. Then Jurina slowly turned to her “It’s pretty isn’t it?” she said. Rena smiled and was relieved. Jurina was much better than earlier. Her smile was so lovely. Somehow they didn’t noticed that they have been staring at each other for a while.  

Their friends looked at each other, and signaled that they should leave. One of them suddenly spoke. She faked a yawn and went “I guess I should go now, I’m getting sleepy”. The other girls went with the excuse and told the two that they should maybe stay longer. Of course both of them did, not keeping track of the time. They stayed there for a few more hours before realizing that they exceeded their curfew. Before going home Rena though she want to Jurina to see something amazing. So she took a detour.  

Jurina was so surprised at how beautiful the sea was. The water was reflecting the light that was coming from the moon making her smile, her eyes were sparkling. She looked so much brighter. Rena was glad. It made her smile unconsciously. Jurina caught her smiling, “Ne, Rena…it might be weird for me to say this but… I’ve always thought…You look so beautiful when you smile like that.” The younger one said and looked away. She kind of blushed but the older one failed to see it. She was busy blushing herself. She felt her face get hot. “A-arigatou.” She said shyly not looking at each other. “U-un…. We should go home it’s getting very late” Jurina said without looking at Rena, she suddenly grabbed the older one’s hand, making Rena blushed even more. 

Jurina silently closed their room’s door not opening the lights so no one would notice that they just got back, it was already 2 am and everyone was sleeping. Jurina took off her socks and so did Rena. The younger sat on her bed thinking. Rena was going to change clothes when suddenly Jurina spoke. “Ne, Rena-chan…” Rena stopped walking towards the washroom and turned to Jurina. “Un?” she asked slightly tilting her head.  

"What you ever kissed someone?" she bit her lips quite surprised why she asked it, slowly turning to the other girl who was just as surprised as her. Rena slowly smiled and said "Only by you." The answer was met by silence, which made Rena suddenly nervous. She wondered why the Jurina was asking such things.

"That… That’s not what I meant… I mean a real kiss…" Jurina paused as her face started to blush. She was curious but she decided not to push on with the question. "S-Sorry… that was a dumb question" she said wanting to give herself a facepalm. In her mind, Rena as a beautiful girl, probably had a lot of suitors of course she would have had a boyfriend before. So she wondered, "What was it like to kiss Rena." 

There was an awkward silence, but Rena didn’t want Jurina to misunderstand so she spoke. “No, I haven’t” It made the younger one surprised.  ”Eh? Not even once?” She asked surprised. “Ah I’m sorry, I just thought, cause… Rena-chan is so beautiful… I would think that…” Jurina was relieved. “So no one has claimed her lips yet, then maybe … I…” she stopped, she quickly shook her head for that idea to vanish. 

Rena sat beside Jurina on her bed. The older girl smiled “Because I haven’t really been interested in anyone”.  

Jurina bit her lip again… “Then… can I kiss you?” Jurina looked at Rena, their eyes met. Rena just looked surprised until Jurina realized what she just asked. “ARG MOU, Sorry I’m just… I don’t know why I asked that I-” Rena placed her hand on top of Jurina’s. “If its with Jurina… then its ok.” Rena smiled at her again. Jurina was slightly surprised but she just looked into Rena’s eyes for a moment.  

She felt her heart beat a little faster than before.  

Has Rena ever looked so beautiful?  

Actually, she always has, back when she first saw her smile. It captured the younger one’s heart. Thats why Jurina always made sure to make her smile. Since she loved seeing it on Rena’s face. But when she told Rena she was confessing to the teacher the look on Rena’s face broke her heart. She was disappointed on herself. She wasn’t sure why she asked Rena to do it. She wasn’t sure why she decided to confess to him. She was actually glad that she got rejected, but sad that she was thinking Rena maybe in love with the teacher too. Thats why she returned to her crying, she coudln’t phantom the idea of Rena smiling with anyone else. She wanted that smile for herself. She just felt so selfish, and realized what she did, she didn’t want to hurt Rena, so for a while she cried. 

Then, as if her hands moved on their own. She placed it on the older one’s cheek, she traced her thumb on Rena’s lips feeling its texture. Still looking at each other’s eyes, Jurina leaned in for the kiss. It was a gentle first kiss for the both of them. When their lips broke contact. They looked at each other again, they both blushed and looked away. 

"I-I’m sorry was it bad?" The younger one asked cautiously. Rena turned to her, seeing how nervous Jurina was "No…It’s…" she hesitated a bit but continued "It was perfect." Jurina looked up and turned to see Rena smiling. It made her really glad she was able to make Rena smile like this. "I’m glad" she took Rena’s hand and took a deep breath. The older looked at her intently.  

"Rena…"She placed one hand on Rena’s cheeks again, looking at the older one’s eyes. "…I’ve always…been inlove with you." She said not breaking eye contact. Rena’s mouth formed an ‘o’ she didn’t know what to say, but she was happy. Happy that Jurina felt the same way. Before Rena realized it, tears came falling down. Making Jurina confused. All negative thoughts came to mind: "Was she overwhelmed, Did I make her sad, maybe she doesn’t feel the same about me…"  

"Ah— Gomen… Rena I-" Jurina got interrupted with a sudden hug delievered by the older one. Jurina was still confused by the sudden development but slowly wrapped her arms around the girl who was crying.  

"Jurina…" she started making the other one listen carefully, she was waiting for her to continue. "I feel the same way, and I’m just so happy right now." It made Jurina smile to hear those words from Rena."Rena…" Jurina said as she slowly pushed Rena to look at her face. Rena was still crying. "cute" she thought and smiled.  

She wiped the older girl’s tears away and gave her a more passionate kiss.

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