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Fanfiction: Let’s Kinect


WMatsui | fluff | Oneshot | 2752 words
As requested by anon. Enjoy.

~ ~ ~

If Rena had known the seriousness behind the younger girl’s request for a “play date” that day, she reckoned she probably wouldn’t have agreed to it as quickly as she had.


Rena had expected it to be something simple, like lunch or shopping for an hour or two in the city – so when Jurina had promptly shown up at her house with her arms full of gaming equipment, Rena quickly began to feel the onset of a migraine.

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“You know I’m no good”



I cheated myself, like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble
Yeah, you know I’m no good.
-Amy Winehouse

Summary:  An AU one shot where Matsui Jurina is the ever rebellious “center”/ vocalist of a famous Japanese band produced by entertainment mogul Group-48 and Matsui Rena is the level-headed bassist.

Main Pairing: Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena; WMatsui

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Soundly Asleep [drabble]


  • Happy 16th Birthday J-san! (ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪ 
  • Drabble was inspired by and interview about Gakkou no Kaidan

A young girl slowly opens her eyes as she woke up from the disturbances around her. The thick walls couldn’t shelter her from what she was hearing inside the room. Her body couldn’t move, it has happened before, being paralyzed in her bed… thankfully it only happens for a few seconds. What she couldn’t avoid were the voices and cries she was hearing. They were getting louder every second.

She could only burrow on her companion’s back as she tried not to listen to the noises in the room, noises that only she could hear. She tried hard to close her eyes and go back to sleep but it just kept getting louder and louder. Suddenly she felt some movement on the bed. Long thin arms surrounded her shaking body. She looks at the person who was sleeping beside her.



“Have some melon pan…”

The older girl seem to be dreaming, but her voice seems to drown the noises. They had almost disappeared when she started to speak. Jurina looks at her partner bewildered but is thankful that the noises have died down.

“Ah you’re so cute when eating melon pan~” The older girl said still apparently dreaming. She pulled Jurina closer to her as she slept deeply.

Jurina could only smile as she buried her face on Rena’s neck. She closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep. 

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@wmatsuifics tweeter made!

Hello! We’ve just made a twitter account @wmatsuifics

(Mainly because we wanted to contact the person who re-posted our fic without permission. Namely; Jealousy & Even your kisses are left handed. PLAGIARISM. WMatsui fic writers please check if your work has been re-posted without permission too.)

Anyway~ We will also be tweeting our reblogs, new posts there. Take care wmatsui shippers. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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Just Know That I Love you


WMatsui Fic



Sometimes…it was really hard. 

The disapproving look on people’s faces, the way they whispered, the way they seemed to clear a path whenever she walked by.  

It was a constant struggle everyday for the young woman. Everyone was judging her. Mentally calling her all sorts of names.  Every single thing she did was being looked at and nitpicked. People were already deeming her an outcast, a weirdo, someone that needed to be isolated. 

It was so hard. 


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